The 10 Struggles of Those with Very Limited Data Plans

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 1 Apr 2016

Almost everybody is on a limited data plan these days. Yes, even you, Sprint T-Mobile customers. Your limited data plan is just called throttled. But thanks to family sharing plans, most people have a relatively large bucket of data to dip into. I mean, it’s not like Mom will use her share of the family data. But some people have the worst of both worlds. An insignificant amount of data that never, ever lasts you through the entire month. Do you think having only 10GB of data is hard? Try 1GB! The struggle is real.

Choosing Restaurants Based on Wi-Fi Status

No Wi-Fi? What will you do while waiting for your food to come out? And when it does come out, how will you Instagram it? Instagram is for people who don’t plan ahead.

Begging Everyone or Anyone for Their Wi-Fi Password

It’s great to see you, and what’s your Wi-Fi password? I don’t even know you, but I know you have Wi-Fi. Can I get that password?

Being Super Stingy with Your Data

You’ve never seen that YouTube video before? I know; instead of watching it on my phone, why don’t I describe it to you really well?

Choosing Public Transportation Based on Wi-Fi Status

A two-hour commute flies by when you have Wi-Fi. While a 30-minute commute feels like forever when you’re stuck with almost no data.

Disappearing from Social Media at the End of the Month

#Facebook Break, aka, I hit my data limit, so all these grams will be later grams.

Pretending Like You’re too Good for Mobile Data, Anyway

I’m glad I don’t have grandfathered unlimited data. I have so much time to do real things, such as enjoy nature. And not spend hours obsessing over my Facebook news feed.

Using Your Limited Data as an Excuse for Everything

I’m totally not ignoring you! My phone was on Airplane Mode because of limited data!

For Everything

I definitely went to the gym this week; I didn’t check in because, you know, limited data!

When Someone with Unlimited Data Complains about Throttling


Suffering Withdrawal

Your phone broke, and you had to spend a week without it. It was awful? That’s my life every single month.