Money to burn? 24K gold-plated Galaxy S7 S7 ge can be yours for a cool $2K

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Mar 2016

If only the best will do, then have we found the phone for you.

ndon-based Truly Exquisite is selling a series of gold platinum plated models of the Galaxy S7 S7 ge, all in the range of about $2,300 or more. They’re up for preorder, given the above-average price they require a 50 percent deposit. After doing some pounds-to-dollars conversion, here’s the breakdown:

  • 24K Galaxy S7 – £1,700 (about $2,380 D)
  • 24K Galaxy S7 ge – £1,800 (about $2,530 D)
  • atinum Galaxy S7 – £1,800 (about $2,530 D)
  • atinum Galaxy S7 ge – £1,900 (about $2,670 D)
  • 18K Rose Galaxy S7 – £1,750 (about $2,460 D)
  • 18K Rose Galaxy S7 ge – £1,850 (about $2,600 D)

The story behind the story: As gadgets have become an essential accessory, some retailers have sought to turn them into a luxury item. The most prominent example in the world of Android is Tag Heuer’s Carrera, which costs $1,800. And of course there’s always the ultra-luxurious Apple tch ition for those who live in an iOS world, which costs as much as $17,000.