Google Play Music starts rolling out podcasts to the Android app

Once it goes live on your device, you'll be able to browse and listen to a wide range of different podcasts.

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Google Play Music can now house all your podcasts alongside your music collection. Google promised back in October that it would integrate podcasts into Google Play Music, and according to Android Police the feature is already live for some users.

play music podcasts Android Police

Find podcasts to listen to now or save them for later in the Google Play Music app.

As the screenshots show, the interface is consistent with the rest of the Play Music app, with each podcasts represented by its own card. You can listen to an individual episode or subscribe for later listening. 

The update is a server-side switch, so even if you have the latest version of the Play Music app you will just have to wait for Google to roll this out to you.

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The impact on you: Previously if you wanted to check out podcasts on your Android device, you had to head to the Play Store and select from one of several third-party apps. Now you can get these right in your Play Music app, which is convenient if you’re a subscriber or house all your music there. However, other podcast-focused apps still might be a better bet if you don’t want to intermingle your talk shows with your music playlists.

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