finally killing off MyTracks, a service rendered obsolete by Fit

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 28 Jan 2016

MyTracks is headed for the Graveyard. 

Those using ’s original G-powered tracking app for mapping your run, hike, or bicycle journey will need to switch to another service since the app will stop working on April 30. A support page details how you can export your data, with the simplest option being to package it for Drive or send it directly to Fit if you want to try out the company’s newest take on fitness tracking.

The death of MyTracks shouldn’t be a huge surprise, as the app has been neglected in favor of the cool new kid, Fit. The interface is more consistent with the Holo theme from Ice Cream Swich than the current trend of Material Design. l the momentum is clearly behind Fit, which now replicates these functions is designed as a platform for fitness data from other services.

The app will stop working on April 30, though does say your data will be available to transfer after that date.

The story behind the story: Fit is clearly the future for the company’s foray into fitness tracking, as it recently picked up the same abilities as MyTracks. The other feature set is far more involved, as it can assist you in counting calories, other workouts, serve as the hub for data from other fitness apps