showcases top Material Design apps at I/O

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 29 May 2015

is heaping praise on apps that deliver a great Material Design experience.

at the company calls the Material Design Showcase Awards honors 18 different applications, which includes a mix of apps from media companies, popular services, independent developers. Here’s the full breakdown:

y this matters: really wants developers following its Material Design guidelines, so it’s using I/O as an opportunity to give kudos to those who’ve put them into practice. Such prominent placement in the ay Store is a nice reward, especially for independent developers, which may spur some Material Design-building by others.

Even more guidelines for Material Design

’s new design language isn’t a static rulebook. The company refreshed its Material Design site at I/O, with new guidelines for Android Auto, Android TV, Cardboard. The company also released another video explaining the thought process creation of the design principles.

Additional details about device metrics, an icon sticker sheet, a color palette are now available alongside the new platform information. hopes to push its developer community to build apps that will have a familiar look feel  across devices, especially since the company hopes you’ll soon be running Android on your phone, tablet, TV, in your car.