An invite is no longer required for the Oneus X

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 28 Jan 2016

Another Oneus device has dropped the requirement that you st in a digital line for a chance to buy one.

This time it’s the Oneus X, which we found to be a good, inexpensive phone with a solid build quality. Oneus announced that you’ll be able to get your hs on the Onyx or Champagne color, with both devices starting at $249. 

Oneus founder Carl i hinted that this could finally become the norm for a company who typically uses an invite system for its phones.

“Unlike its predecessor, the Oneus 2 was invite-free approximately four months after its release. th the Oneus X going invite-free in even less time, this is a trend that we mean to continue,” he said in the forum post. 

There’s a price drop on various accessories like cases, which you can explore at the Oneus online store.

He did drop in some bad news: the Oneus wer Bank price is going up from $15 to $19. He said the device was originally sold at a small loss. 

The impact on you: If a budget device is in your future, you could do a lot worse than the Oneus X. If it’s a pure Android experience you’re after, another attractive option is the Nexus 5X, which recently received a permanent price drop to bring the base cost down to $299.