+ for Android 7.0 brings better search, friendlier home screen

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 14 Jan 2016

There’s a shiny new version of the + app coming your way soon. 

Instead of one stout feature with + 7.0, there’s a number of small adjustments that should improve the experience if you’re a casual or regular user of ’s social network.

google plus 7.0 +

+ now hides the bottom tab bar action button while scrolling features autocomplete when searching.

According to ’s ke oblewski, the search bar now displays autocomplete suggestions while you type the home stream remembers your position when you return to the app. The bottom tab bar action button now automatically hide when scrolling. Additionally, you’ll also see a prompt for Collections Communities if you don’t have any on your profile, as that’s the major focus of +.

Additionally, oblewski said fixed 69 bugs 14 accessibility issues. The new app is coming to the ay Store, or you can get it now from A Mirror.

The impact on you: For most, this may be a reason to check out that app you haven’t used in a while called +. The service has shifted its focus to “Collections Communities,” whereby groups can engage with one another over shared interests. It hles this function rather well, particularly for product forums user testing discussions.