Google Now on Tap gains screenshot feature on Marshmallow devices

If you have the latest version of the Google app, you won't need to fiddle with holding down multiple buttons anymore.

google now on tap
Derek Walter

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Google Now on Tap has a nifty new trick: taking a screenshot. 

It may not sound all that life-changing, but think about all the times you’ve had to play gymnastics with your fingers just to capture an image of your screen. Now if you have the latest build of the Google app, all you have to do is hold the home button to launch Now on Tap, touch the sharing button, and after a brief animation, you’ll be able to send off the screengrab.

google now on tap screenshots

Use Google Now on Tap for quick screenshots that you can more quickly share and organize.

Granted, this process is more involved than pressing the volume down and power button simultaneously. But it does have a couple advantages.

First, you can better organize your screenshots. Direct them into a specific Google Drive folder or another preferred cloud storage space so they don’t clutter up your camera roll. Also, this allows you to share it with a contact or to a social network all in one action.

You’ll need to have a device running Marshmallow and the latest build of the Google app to make this happen.

Why this matters:  This is especially a lifesaver if you have the official Nexus 6P case on Google’s flagship phone. It’s not snug enough, so when you go to hit the screenshot key combo (power and volume down) the case triggers the power button or volume control first, killing your ability to take the picture. It’s rather frustrating, and had led me to take the case off when I needed to take a lot of screenshots. Granted, you may take fewer of these than the average tech writer, but the new method can avoid frustration next time you need to troubleshoot an issue and send a screenshot or capture that tweet before you friend deletes it.

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