search bolsters its ability to underst more complex questions

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 17 Nov 2015

wants you to talk to its search app like it’s just another human.

The company revealed several updates to its voice-search capabilities that allow you to ask questions like, “at was the Royals roster in 2013? or “at was the U.S. population when Bernie Sers was born?”

google app understing Inside Search

’s search app can now hle questions with more complexity.

It’s an improvement to the simple, one-step questions that we’re used to making in voice search. On Android, this extends to a list of voice comms that can also power several different facets of your mobile device.

According to a blog post, says you’re able to use ordered items, superlatives, particular points in time.

You can try out the new search capabilities, maybe even find a question to stump with, from the app for Android iOS.

The story behind the story: Voice search is an area where others are pushing to improve their abilities. Microsoft’s Cortana Hound from Soundhound are also elbowing for room in this space with their own apps. And of course iOS users have Siri, which hles both search on-device voice comms.