Because we needed another mobile payment platform: files Gy trademark

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Oct 2015

As if Apple y, Android y, Samsung y weren’t enough, could be eyeing its own mobile wallet service.

The Korean electronics giant recently filed a trademark for “Gy” with the U.S. tent Trademark Office. filed the application on September 23, it was just spotted by VentureBeat. ones, tablets, smartwatches are among the goods services that the trademark seeks to cover.

It’s not unusual for tech companies to trademark terms that never become actual products, simply as a way to protect their bring. In ’s case, the letter “G” precedes many of the company’s phones, tablets, smartwatches. The “Gy” trademark might simply be ’s way of covering its bases.

Or, it could be a sign that is preparing an answer to its rivals’ mobile payment services. Apple y launched in 2013, lets users check out at retail stores by tapping an ione or Apple tch against a payment terminal. Android y, which arrived last month, works similarly on NFC-equipped phones running Android 4.4 or higher. Samsung y has one unique trick: It can communicate with traditional magnetic card terminals that don’t have NFC equipped, so it should be compatible at far more retailers.

y this matters: Mobile payments have been slow to gain momentum in the United States, largely due to the vicious cycle of a limited number of smartphones supporting a limited number of payment terminals. But this is slowly starting to change, as more retailers upgrade their terminals to support NFC payments. It might make sense for to jump in now, but with Android y serving as the default option on Android phones, it’s unclear how might st out. rhaps that’s something is still thinking about as it get its trademarks in order.