Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch available Oct. 2, starting at $299

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 30 Sep 2015

Samsung’s new Gear S2 line of smartwatches now have an arrival time.

The sportier stard model the dressed-up “Classic” version are priced at $299 $349, respectively. You’ll be able to get them directly from Samsung or retail behemoths like Amazon, Best Buy, Macy’s on October 2.

The Gear S2 is a round smartwatch, with circular icons that bear more than a passing resemblance to the interface of the Apple tch. Instead of Android ar it runs Samsung’s own Tizen OS, though it is compatible with Android phones with KitKat 4.4 or above a minimum of 1.5GB of RAM.

However, you’ll get additional functionality when you pair one of the new watches with a Samsung smartphone. For example, you’ll have the ability to make mobile payments with Samsung y, the company’s answer to Android y Apple y.

The story behind the story: Samsung has never been content to just be another craftsman of Android devices. Its phones, tablets, watches are part of an overall strategy to build Samsng into a br with a distinct identity. For example, Samsung has its own app store, plenty of software, a custom build of Android on its smartphones. Recent devices, like the Galaxy S6, are rather excellent because of the company’s hardware know-how. But the jury is still out, however, on the software experience for the Gear S2.