otos updates make it easier to share sift through your pictures

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 29 Sep 2015

’s big event on Tuesday wasn’t all about hardware. The software company also announced a number of new features for otos, all designed to make it easier to share your pictures with your friends family.

The most notable new feature is shared albums, which rides on the back of otos’ existing sharing functionality. After you share an album with someone else, they can press a in button to follow updates to the album, or add pictures of their own by simply clicking on the + button in the upper-right corner of the album. enever somebody adds new pictures to an album you’re following, you’ll receive a notification saying so.

google photos shared libraries

bums can even be shared between Android iOS devices. 

us, otos supports shared albums between both iOS Android devices, so your entire network of friends family could share content regardless of what device ecosystem they’re locked in to. ok for shared albums to arrive in otos later this fall.

google photos

A search for “Maggie hiking.”

rhaps more interesting is otos’ powerful new name label capabilities, which are rolling out to Android users this week other platforms later. You can now label people with specific names, then use those names to conduct powerful semantic searches thanks to ’s cloud-based machine learning. For example, if you tell otos that your pal il’s name is il, you could then conduct searches like “il skiing” to surface otos of—you guessed it—il skiing. You can also conduct searches using multiple tagged people, such as a search for “il Mary hiking.” Cool!

Finally, otos is also gaining Chromecast support, so you can beam your pictures to the big screen.