Skype adds support for Android ar in version 6.4 update

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 29 Sep 2015

Skype conversations now extend to your wrist with the latest update to Microsoft’s communication app.

Skype for Android 6.4 lets you view reply to messages from your Android ar watch. Not only do you get a push alert about conversations on your tiny screen, but you can also respond to chats via voice or select a pre-written response. 

The functionality is very similar to what built into Hangouts on Android ar. You can sketch out a crude drawing, Skype will transform it into an emoji.

skype emojis Skype

Draw on your watch face to send back an emoji.

Version 6.4 is rolling out now through the ay Store with this new functionality the usual round of bug fixes.

y this matters: Android ar support is another sign that Microsoft is continuing to build Skype into a strong, cross-platform messaging service. Microsoft has been very aggressive about its Android apps, so if you’re a ndows user or heavily involved with the company’s products, you can lead a pretty happy life on Android.