packs in more content to its ay Newsst, News ather apps

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 10 Sep 2015

sometimes makes two products that compete with each other, which is why it has different news apps: ay Newsst News & ather.

They’re both getting some love, however, with some pretty nice sports-friendly additions to ay Newsst behind-the-scene work to News & ather.

The story behind the story: uses both apps for different angles on the news. News & ather is designed to give you an aggregated list of links to various articles around the web. ay Newsst is more akin to a newspaper or magazine rack, with designated spots for different publishers the ability to subscribe to digital publications.

More sports for ay Newsst

The most prominent new feature here is the inclusion of sports scores, articles, the option to choose a favorite team to follow. says you can choose a team from the NF NBA, NH M with a pledge for more to come.

play newsst sports

Sports scores team news get prominent play in the newest edition of ay Newsst.

However, if you use Now to follow sports it may feel like a duplication of service. at would make this even smoother would be if could automatically import the teams you’ve told Now you like to follow.

Get the update in ay or from A Mirror.

blishers may start pushing apps in News & ather

ile the most visible change to the News & ather app update is ’s new logo, a look at the code reveals a bit more. It appears that publishers will soon be able to promote their own apps, with the ability for you to install them from the ay Store.

has used its search app, ay Store advertisements, other methods to push more Android app installations. This looks to be another tool for that effort.

As always, the update is rolling out in ay or is now available on A Mirror.