reveals playful new logo in major redesign

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 1 Sep 2015

has tweaked its logo a few times since its founding 16 years ago, but never so dramatically.

The company showed off a new look on its official blog Tuesday. In justifying the change, says it needed a new design that would work across the multitude of platforms devices where you may encounter it.

You don’t have to look too closely to see a resemblance to the design behind ’s new parent company, phabet

goes into more detail on the thinking behind the logo on its Design blog. The logo was drafted to mesh well with the company’s design language, Material Design. And like many other company logo redesigns, it’s opted for a sans serif font (serif refers to the little “tails” added to the end of letters in various fonts, like es New Roman).

ong with the new “” logo, the team also developed a “G” icon for those times when it wouldn’t make sense to squeeze in the entire company name, floating dots for those inevitable wait times you’ll encounter across different products.

Design Blog

ong with the new logo, designed a compact “G” floating dots icons.

You’ll spot the changes right away if you do a search or use a product like Gmail or Drive. But it may take some time to get updated elsewhere, especially on all the permanent signage on the multiple offices worldwide.

y this matters: is the latest major tech company to go through a logo rebring, following after Microsoft, Yahoo, eBay, others who have gone for a more colorful friendly look. Such redesigns tend to get mixed reviews, as some long for the old look or are skeptical about the resources used in such a task. But like any change, good or bad, you’ll get used to it.