T-Mobile Galaxy S6, S6 ge updates bring battery life improvements, other tweaks to lead update roundup

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 31 Jul 2015

Small updates can be big, especially when it comes to battery life improvements. That’s the promise from a download that should hit your T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S6 or S6 ge.

It’s not the only device getting some new software on T-Mobile. The HTC One M9 is getting all those nifty features in Android 5.1. And before your Nvidia Shield Tablet catches fire, be sure to grab one last update in order to qualify for Nvidia’s replacement offer.

Each week, we compile all the major software updates to hit the ecosystem, including phones tablets on U.S. carriers, unlocked phones, Android ar smartwatches, Android TV devices. Making sure your device is running the latest available software is a good housekeeping practice, ensuring you have the latest features with fewer bugs gaping security holes.


Galaxy S6, S6 ge: Both devices should see a small update that promises battery life improvements performance fixes. ile Android 5.1 fixed a lot of bugs introduced with llipop, clearly Samsung has found some more that need to be crushed.

HTC One M9: The Android 5.1 update is finally coming to the T-Mobile version after previously going to the AT&T Sprint models. It brings some new features should hopefully smooth out those llipop bugs.


Shield Tablet: In order to qualify quality for a replacement device as part of Nvidia’s safety recall, you’ll need to have the latest software update. The Nvidia update should be available to download, which also brings stability fixes improvements to audio performance.


Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 E: This device has a big screen kind of a ridiculous name, but now it also has Android 5.1. ong with the bump to the latest Android OS, the update will also nuke some bloatware apps: tchON, Beats Music (soon to be replaced by Apple Music) Famigo. 


The biggest Android update is the one that’s still coming: a patch for the Stagefright vulnerability. says it’s already sent out a fix to hardware partners, but there hasn’t been much discussion of when these would roll out. Bug your carrier about it!

updates Nexus phones directly, has promised a fix to roll out in the next few days. ’ll let you know once we find out when these start to l.

The only good news is there hasn’t been any widespread reports of people getting attacked by the bug. Hopefully this will hold as the patch starts to make its way out to Android phones.