Google Play Store now offers pre-registration for new app releases

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The Google Play Store now lets you pre-register for apps, ensuring you won’t miss a second of screen-smashing action for that next killer game release.

In fact the first app to take advantage of the new feature is Terminator Genisys: Revolution, based on the latest film from the never-ending Terminator franchise. Pre-registration signs you for a notification when the game is released—you won’t have to shell out any money in advance. You’ll just need to pay up when the app is ready, unless it’s free-to-download.

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By preregistering for an app release, release you’ll get notified when it’s ready.

If you happen to change your mind, you can un-register at anytime by heading back to the app’s page. You’re able to take advantage of the new feature through the Play Store Android app or by visiting Google Play on the desktop.  

The story behind the story: This is the latest initiative in Google’s ongoing effort to make the Play Store more developer and consumer-friendly. Recently it announced it would start pre-screening apps, likely an effort to cut down on malware and overall junk. The Play Store also gives developers the ability to respond to user complaints, something they can’t do in Apple’s App Store. With Google I/O in a few weeks, we may even see more features coming our way.

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