LG confirms G4 unveiling for April 28, teases f/1.8 camera

lg g4 announcement

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The Galaxy S6 blew us away with its impressive camera, but LG is ready to jump in the ring and throw a counterpunch.

The company finally announced its next phone will indeed be called the G4 and will be unveiled April 28. Its newest teaser video has a nice surprise, showcasing that the phone's camera will feature a wide f/1.8 aperture. That could lead to some impressive low-light performance, which is often an area where smartphone cameras struggle.

That’s the lowest f-number we’ve come across in a flagship phone in the U.S., though a handful of phones (from Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Acer) have shipped with an f/1.8 camera, too. This spec refers to the width of the aperture that lets light into the sensor. The lower the number, the more light can get through.

It’s an intriguing point to tease, but as is the case with cameras there are many other elements that can make or break performance. The quality of the sensor, the image processing chip, and camera software all play an important role in image quality.

As for the leather: This could be one of many choices for how you outfit your phone. Motorola does the same with its Moto X. It’s a popular option, but not everybody wants the stitched leather look on their device. Or, it may be a single "premium" model, similar to the way some phones offer a gold color.

Why this matters: What impressed us most in our Galaxy S6 review was the phone’s outstanding camera. LG has clearly taken notice and decided to tout its own shooter for its next phone launch. We’re definitely eager to try it out and see if it can give the GS6 a run for its money.

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