+ ‘oto Story’ cards start popping up in Now

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 3 Apr 2015

Now loves to drop in surprises on us from time to time. 

The latest is a card alerting you to a new oto Story, which is an automatically-generated mashup of images that typically appear after a vacation or other batch of pictures taken while out about.

google plus photo story +

Soon you may get an alert that created a picture show for you.

If you backup your smartphone’s pictures to + otos, you may have seen some of these past creations. They’re rather neat, can of course be shared with ’s ever-evolving social network.

This is good evidence the oto Story feature must be sticking around, even though is beginning to unbundle its photo service from +, recently tying it closer to Drive.

The story behind the story: often tinkers with Now, throwing in new features from time-to-time like gas station locations or helpful travel tips. The service is a key part of ’s always-connected strategy of tying its services closely together across any device you may be using.