Listen to 300 Android phones and tablets sing in a choir

There’s a new choir in town, but there are no humans to be found. Instead, some Google employees in Tokyo strung together 300 Android phones and tablets with Androidify characters to bellow out an arrangement of Ode to Joy. Check it out for yourself.

Google is actually putting the choir on display in Tokyo on Tuesdays and Thursdays for anyone that wants to see it in person. For the rest of us, check out the YouTube video. It's adorable.

The story behind the story: This neat trick is part of Android’s “Be together, not the same” marketing campaign. Others may call it fragmentation, of course, but Google instead wants you to think about all the freedom or choice you have with various device types, sizes, and features. It makes Android updates a little tricky of course, but that’s why we gather up Android updates every week.

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