Google to make bigger retail push with Nexus Player

nexus player

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Google’s Nexus Player is finally going to be more widely available. Until now, you have only been able to buy Google's Android TV box in the Play Store, now it's hitting retail.

The first dedicated Android TV device is listed on Newegg with a release date of Jan. 25. Two Reddit users also spotted the Asus-built player at a local Walmart, though a search of the retailer’s website doesn’t turn up any results yet. 

Just as on the Play Store the Nexus Player is listed for $99, with the key accessory being a $40 game pad. Along with being a portal for Netflix, Hulu, Google Play content and other TV-friendly apps, Google has touted the gaming capabilities of its newest device.

Google also still sells the Chromecast, a $35 streaming stick that has a considerable catalogue of compatible applications.

The story behind the story: The TV is the next screen that Google wants to conquer. It’s finally killed off the last remnants of Google TV and is pushing Android TV instead, which has a better shot given the success of the Android platform. Our review showed it has promise, though there’s definitely going to be some catching up needed to challenge the likes of Apple TV or Amazon’s Fire TV.

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