Instagram launches beta Android app, offering sneak peek at new features

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 21 Jan 2015

Instagram is jumping into the Android beta game.

This means means you can download a preview version try things out before they they get pushed to the main Android app.

Getting on board requires jumping through a few hoops. First, you need to join the Instagram for Android Beta Testers group. You’ll need to link your account pledge you won’t redistribute the app to others.

After doing that, you’ll jump to a separate site to sign up as a tester. Then you should see an update for Instagram on your device. Sometimes this process can get a bit wonky, you may need to uninstall Instagram or restart your phone to get the new update to take properly.

instagram beta roid

Sign up to join the test group so you can get all those cool features before anybody else.

so, in beta versions you should see more frequent updates as the developers test things out. It’s neat to get features before everyone else, but keep in mind that often means some bugs will pop up from time to time.

Currently the beta is a slight version bump from 6.13.3 to 6.14.0. Bug fixes are the only new feature listed, though this should change soon once the beta gets up running at full speed.

y this matters: Instagram is super popular, recently passing Twitter for total number of users. So it’s a good move for Instagram to make an app that works functions properly on Android, taking advantage (hopefully) of those new llipop features instead of just being an iOS clone.