Leaked images offer clearest sneak peek yet of HTC One M9

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Mike Homnick

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Two new images offer the clearest picture yet of the forthcoming HTC One M9.

The phone also code-named Hima showed up briefly in a couple of images before the site owner pulled them, claiming the need to protect the source.

Of course, they were already shared pretty quickly across the Internet, so we present them here in all their glory. The back of the phone doesn’t look dramatically different from the M8, though it could be slightly flatter, and the camera opening is square with rounded corners, rather than round. The very top of the phone is cut off, but there doesn't appear to be a 2nd lens for Duo Camera.

htc one m9 image leak 1 Nowhereelse

The back of the One may not change much, though the design appears slightly flatter.

The front images show that HTC is slimming down the bezel a little, though keeping the overall design consistent with the predecessors. It’s impossible to tell what the screen size will be, as rumors have ranged it will be anywhere from five inches (the same as the M8) all the way up to 5.5. If nothing else, the thinner bezels should make it a little easier to hold and use with one hand.

htc one m9 image leak Nowhereelse

The front of the HTC One M9 may have a slimmed-down bezel.

The story behind the story: The HTC One is an important launch for the company, which wants to keep its momentum going after it’s begun to right its ship. We will get our hands on this soon enough, with HTC announcing that it will unveil its newest flagship at Mobile World Congress in March. We also expect to see the company’s first smartwatch, which could make for a nice companion to the One.

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