HTC One M8 running Android llipop leaks in YouTube video

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Jan 2015

have the best sneak peek yet at how Android llipop will look run on the HTC One M8 (our phone of the year for 2014).

A YouTube video has a pretty extensive walkthrough, though you’ll need to speak Vietnamese to underst the narration. It zips through all of the key facets of the interface, such as the lock screen, app drawer, various home screens.

As we have seen before, HTC has kept the core look of Sense while integrating the new llipop features, such as the improved notifications revamped drop-down menu. It looks like you’ll still need to move out the HTC browser in exchange for Chrome, along with the usual round of steps to make your phone more -friendly.

The wait is even shorter if you have an unlocked or developer edition of the One M8. HTC’s Mo Versi says the update should begin rolling out late Tuesday.

y this matters: HTC is one of the better hset manufacturers when it comes to cranking out timely Android updates. The company promises to deliver them within 90 days of release to its flagship devices. If you’re someone who wants an Android phone that won’t give you an eternal delay for the latest version of Android, HTC is one reliable option, though Motorola also does an admirable job.