Now update introduces new Now Cards settings a slightly refreshed look

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 7 Jan 2015

Now is Android’s most powerful weapon against its competitors. Its freshly updated contextual information always pops up when you need it ( sometimes when you don’t).

An update to the app adds a “Now cards” settings option, which gives you even more control over which Cards are displayed throughout the day. You can now do things like toggle cards on off peruse through previous ones. 

Once you get the update, the app will ask you to sort of recalibrate Now so that all of the new features work as intended. en you’re finished, you’ll see a new look to the Now cards. Things like shipment notifications appear consolidated the More button lays on top of each card rather than in the right-h corner.

googlenowupdate 1

You’ll have to “re-setup” Now when the update installs. 

The update also removes the options for Reminders more Cards, moving them to a hamburger menu that’s accessible from the search bar. 

googlenowupdate 2

Afterwards, Now will look a little different.

There are also new settings available for Now cards, including a section that asks how you’d like to treat urgent reminders like traffic alerts appointment reminders—something Now is always bugging me about.

The app update is currently rolling out to Android device near you. If you absolutely cannot wait for it to hit your phone, you can force the A onto your device by downloading it from A Mirror, via Android lice