Minuum Keyboard makes it easier to be a bilingual user with multiple-language support

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 18 Dec 2014

Bilingual kids, I know how it is: You’re trying to text your mom in both English her native language, but the keyboard app you’ve got installed can’t recognize the word you’re typing out. at’s worse: It’ll start auto-correcting to something completely different, which makes typing in other languages an exasperating experience.

Minuum Keyboard’s latest update can alleviate some of this annoyance with a new feature that lets you install more than one language pack at a time, use both in tem. For instance, if you tend to throw around Spanish slang words, you won’t have to suffer through auto-correct attempts to decipher what you’re typing.

2014 12 18 19.06.12

Minuum’s Settings panel.

Thus far, Minuum supports only the following languages: English, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, lish, Brazilian rtuguese. Because Minuum doesn’t support Romanian, my family’s native language, I tried the feature with my limited Spanish.

minuum multilanguages

Minuum’s language packs are easy to install. The hard part is still getting a hang of Minuum.

The app cherry-picks words from both the Spanish English dictionaries as you type, it inserts special characters, too. You don’t have to switch language packs actively, either, though you can force the app to default to another dictionary by long-pressing the spacebar.

y this matters: Android is a global operating system, used by many who speak more than one language. Switching between languages in apps like Keyboard has always been a hassle. My mom I text in Romanian slang, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just given up on typing out jokes or other references because the app would default to an English word I wasn’t trying to use. It’s even worse with voice dictation. 

You can tweet a request to add another language via the developers’ website. Maybe if enough of us ask for Romanian, they’ll finally come through.