ay Games update shows ‘s still got a bit of housecleaning to do

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 3 Dec 2014

No, is not done tweaking the interfaces on its own suite of Android apps. Most have been updated to conform to the Material Design guidelines, but the company is still making minor adjustments, as llipop slowly rolls out to devices worldwide.

ay Games received its own bit of polishing today. Version 2.2 features an updated account picker that’s a bit more dynamic than the previous version. There’s also a shortcut to manage your accounts in the Settings panel. The game profile page received new icons for viewing the game’s page in the ay Store or sharing an interesting game with friends.


The last version of ay Games (left) did a bad job of consolidating everything. The new version (right) makes things less stark.

The story behind the story: ’s never done updating its applications. Material Design is new, so it’s likely the apps we’re using today will look different in a few months as the company continues to refine the way it implements its own design guidelines. Still, it’s nice to know that didn’t just “set it forget it” with the new design rollout. uldn’t you rather have it this way than wait for an entirely new version of Android? 

Android lice has an A available if you absolutely cannot wait for the ay Store’s rollout.