Halloween-themed Humble Bundle offers cheap, spooky games

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 23 Oct 2014

There are plenty of cool Halloween-themed Android games, but a new offer from the Humble Bundle can get you even more spooky gaming on the cheap.

This week’s gaming discount starts with Oscura: Second Shadow, zombie apocalypse game Rebuild,  Containment: The Zombie zzler. You can pay any amount you wish the games are yours. In the ay Store they’re currently $3.50, $3, $2, respectively.

If you pay more than the average contribution for the bundle, which is currently sitting around $3, you get the quirky Five Nights at dy’s, strategy game The lking Dead: Assault  zombie shooter Dead Effect emium.

If you’re on the fence you can get The Spookening for free by giving Humble Bundle your email address. Hey, with that new Gmail Inbox it will be easy to swipe away all those promotional messages they’ll bombard you with.

The easiest way to install the games is through the Humble Bundle Android app. It will also send updates bug you about new offers.

The impact on you: The Humble Bundle is a weekly batch of mobile desktop games with a choose-your-own pricing scheme. A premium tier is typically available for those who cough up a little more than the average going rate. The proceeds are then divided up between the developers various charities.

This week’s bundle shares the profits with the Electronic Frontier Foundation the American Red .