This is the Nexus 6, says notorious gadget leaker

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 14 Oct 2014

now have our clearest picture yet of what the rumored Nexus 6 will look like. An image posted to Twitter on Tuesday from now-(semi) retired gadget leaker Blass shows a device with flat, Android style icons a very thin bezel.

The design makes a lot of sense, as the Nexus 6 is said to to feature a 5.9 display, giving it a larger screen than both the Galaxy Note 4 ione 6 us. It also matches previous leaks, as the Motorola-built device looks like a much-larger Moto X.

One peculiarity is the messaging icon, which could be a reboot of the main SMS/MMS app that ships on some Android phones, yet was nixed on the Nexus 5 in favor of Hangouts. is pushing Hangouts as its all-in-one messaging solution by integrating it with Voice  ramping up its feature set.

As further evidence of the phone’s imminent launch, Android lice spotted a YouTube video that looks like some kind of commercial. It features Androidified cartoon characters with a gargantuan phone, which could be ’s way of poking a bit of fun at itself for releasing such a massive phablet.

The story behind the story: The Nexus 6 phone, Nexus 9 tablet, Android just need to get here, as we’ve seen almost daily leaks of some kind in regard to ’s next phone operating system update.

typically releases a flagship phone to coincide with the next major version of its operating system. It announced Android 4.4 Kit Kat the Nexus 5, built by , on Halloween of last year. Given the usual one-year refresh cycle of flagship phones, we should be seeing the next Android-flavored treats rather soon. In fact, the devices finished version of Android are said to be launching on dnesday.