Chrome for Android reaches version 38, adds new As more Material Design

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 8 Oct 2014

Are you still running Chrome version 37? How last month of you! The primary browser for Android has now been bumped up to version 38. If you don’t have the update already waiting for you on your phone, you should see it pop up over the next few days.

This update brings with it some relatively minor changes. According to ‘s Chrome Releases blog, highlights include:

  • Support for Battery Status Screen orientation As
  • Additional Material Design updates
  • ts of bug fixes performance improvements!
  • A fix for the security vulnerability: spoofing with scrollbar.

This is yet another example of a app getting its final touches in place before the launch of Android /a>, expected to come within the next few weeks. halfway-prepared Chrome with some visual updates to fit in with the new Material Design scheme in its last update, version 38 continues the effort.

The impact on you: You’ll notice a little more visual consistency in Chrome, as the Material Design principles become more thoroughly applied. And the browser might run a little more smoothly, too. It’s never a bad idea to have the latest security updates bug fixes on your mobile browser, even if you don’t directly notice them. imarily, this is an under-the-hood update—it’s not as if you’ll launch Chrome version 38 it will suddenly look feel like a whole new browser.