Awesome Now Feature Helps You Keep Track of Your Bills

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 8 Oct 2014

Google is expanding its bill reminder chops in Now with a handy feature. If you want to see which bills you’ve paid or need to pay. You can call up Now on your phone or tablet. By saying OK and then saying show me my bills due this week. 
google 4

If there’s anything to show, content from electronic bills sent to your Gmail account. Will appear at the top of the search results on your device. The feature follows unprompted bill reminders, which were added to Now in May 2014. As with the original part, the feature shows me my bills. And surfaces with the bill’s name, the amount due, the due date. And a link to open the bill in Gmail.

Why this matters: In the hyper-competitive world of mobile devices continues to make Now more indispensable to Android users. It ensures that users will keep returning for more than their, email. And other valuable data that remain in the Google cloud.

Who Needs an Accountant?

Google says that the feature can offer you a summary of past statements and show upcoming bills. The feature is currently rolled out and is available in Now as of this writing. As with many other Now features, this new addition is a mobile-only feature. Don’t expect to see it coming to Now alerts on the desktop. That said, you have to wonder how long it’ll be before Google adds. Now voice to Chrome for Mac and Windows. Before the billing upgrade, they added flight price drop alerts in September. Other recent additions include destination alarmsoccasional remindersand parking detection. That’s a lot of helpful information. Do you use Now to help organize your life? Is the bill-wrangling feature something you’ll ever use? Share your thoughts in the comments!