Google Now reminders gets 'occasional' option


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I’m determined to drive my current car into the ground before I get a new one. But that commitment to cheapness means I have to remember to check my oil and radiator fluid more often than most. Thanks to Google Now remembering to do that just got a bit easier.


Google Now offers occasional reminders.

Google recently added an option to Google Now reminders that lets you send notifications to your future self, “occasionally.” That’s a nice option for getting reminders about tasks like minor car maintenance, mowing the lawn, or checking for upcoming sales on clothes—stuff you want to do every now and then but doesn’t have to happen on a set schedule.

One problem: Google doesn’t specify what “occasionally” means or if the time between reminders might change based on your input—which would be really cool. When I set a reminder about checking my oil, for example, it immediately appeared at the top of my Google Now stack with an option to snooze until tomorrow.

When I set the snooze, the reminder didn’t disappear from my stack, but presumably, the little reminder icon will show up in my notifications tomorrow. Swiping the reminder away appeared to permanently dismiss it just like any other note you make.

If you prefer to set your reminders using voice commands, you can also do so with the new “occasionally” option. Telling Google to “remind me to check the oil occasionally” didn’t work. Instead, you have to wait until Google Now asks you when you want to be reminded and then respond with “occasionally.”

It’s not clear when Google added the occasional reminder to Google Now, but it should be available to most users.

[via Android Police]

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