Bill reminders l in Now

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 16 May 2014

Now your phone can make sure you never forget to pay your credit card bill. After circulating as a rumor in h, billing reminders have led in Now.

The new feature relies on bills sent via email to your your Gmail account. Now can then harvest that data surface it right when you need it.

roidpolicebillreminder Android lice

Now can remind you when it’s time to pay a bill.

Bill reminders are pretty basic right now, according to Android lice, the site that first spotted the feature. l you’ll see in your Now card is the name of the billing company, the amount due, the due date, an option to view the email.

But Android lice says the code for the feature also has options for viewing minimum payments, previous balances, the previous month’s bill, even older bills. So this may only be the beginning of a more full-featured way to keep tabs on your bills in Now.

Billing reminders may not work for all your bills, as it appears has to target specific providers similar to how the company integrates real-time package tracking.

th options to pay your bills automatically, bill reminders may be a little out of date these days. But for those who can’t risk automatic withdrawals before a money refill, bill reminders will definitely come in hy.

Bill reminders join a string of recent improvements to Now. Earlier in May, added alerts when an item you’ve searched for is in stock nearby. Before that, Now got automatic parking detection an offline mode.


Now makes canceling auto-renewing subscriptions easier.

More recently, a neat Now trick was discovered for cancelling an auto-renewing membership. Set a Now reminder to cancel Netflix, for example, the reminder card pops up with a direct link to Netflix’s cancellation page.

There may be more Now goodness in the works too. Rumor has it that Now may finally set an actual timer instead of an alarm when you use a voice comm to countdown your hard-boiled eggs.

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