AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon can't agree on how much Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 actually costs

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The iPhone 6 Plus is giving iOS users plenty to clamor about, but over here in Android Land we're still waiting on the official launch of Samsung's next-generation phablet. The Galaxy Note 4 is slated to launch next month, and while you can pre-order it with several carriers, each is offering the phone at a different price.

The impact on you at home: Obviously, if you're already loyal to a specific carrier, you may have buyer's remorse if you see a competitor selling the Galaxy Note 4 for less. It's just another example of how the Android universe is fragmented. It's not like the iPhone 6 Plus is offered at three different prices—all three of these carriers are offering it for $750.

Verizon offers the best deal (it would seem)

T-Mobile users can pre-order the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 4 today for about $750, or $31 a month for two years. You can choose between black or white and the device will start to ship October 17.

AT&T is also taking pre-orders for the Note 4, but for significantly more than what T-Mobile is offering. The phone will cost $825 for those off contract, though there are varying tiers for those on AT&T Next plans. The same device with 32GB of onboard storage can be pre-ordered over at Verizon for $700, or $35 a month with Verizon Edge.

It's likely that each of the carriers have their own specially subsidized pricing, or they're trying hard to get you to commit to those monthly payment subscriptions. If you're really looking to save a buck, a switch over to Verizon might be worth your while. Sprint customers, on the other hand, can merely "pre-register" to receive a note when the Note 4 is actually available for purchase.

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