The new Moto X n’t be available on Sprint

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 18 Sep 2014

If you’re on Sprint you were looking forward to switching to  the new Moto X, you’re out of luck.

AT&T T-Mobile may be the only carriers taking orders at the moment, but everybody just assumed Verizon Sprint would follow suit once the phone was available. However, only Verizon has confirmed that it will eventually carry the device, while a tweet from Motorola Mobility’s official Twitter account suggests that the Moto X won’t be on Sprint at all.

And that’s not all. Sprint’s customer care account then stepped in, pleading. “Is there another device that you might like instead?,” they asked. “It is out of our control when a device will become available to us our customers,” explained another representative. The exchange also includes a Verizon representative stepping in with an attempt to poach the customer away from Sprint.

It’s unfortunate news for those of you on Sprint, there’s no word from either company on why the carrier was omitted from the launch.