Hidden Chrome for Android Feature Automatically Answers Questions in the Search Bar

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 16 Sep 2014

Google is bringing a convenient feature to Chrome for Android; auto-suggested answers in the search bar. However, users need to enable an experimental flag to make it happen.
That’s one significant number. Auto-suggested answers appear while you’re typing a search query with a definite answer. And use this feature to get quick answers to questions. About fundamental math problems, weather, and dates for historical events from right within your search bar. On Android, the auto-suggest answers appear in the drop-down menu below what you’re typing, along with other auto-suggestions. The number of queries with auto-suggested answers is less expansive than the results you get on the desktop. When it auto-loads a search results page before you finish typing. Still, the new feature is handy for specific searches when using a smartphone or tablet.

google chrome 1

Getting Started

Anyone with a modern Android device should already have Chrome installed. If you don’t, you can grab Chrome on Play. For Android’s chrome://flags page. Next, type chrome://flags in the address bar. This will open Chrome’s flags page with a warning that says, Careful, these experiments may bite. Now, scroll down until you see the heading Answers in suggest towards the bottom of the page. Tap the button that says Default select Enabled. After you’re prompted to relaunch Chrome, tap the button at the bottom of the screen that says Relaunch Now. Please do so, and it’s ready to go.

Auto Answers

The feature worked best on Android to find searches like the weather in a city for math problems. Like the one seen in the image at the top of this post. Also, use this feature to find a country’s capital city. Other queries that get quick answers include when did historical event? How old is a famous person, according to OMG! Chrome, the site that first reported the new feature. It’s a limited feature at this point, but it is still fun to play around with. And to have at the ready the next time you want to know what the weather’s like in Los Angeles.