Chrome for Android gets a Material Design makeover

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Sep 2014

Chrome for Android now sports a new look in line with Material Design, the minimalist makeover coming to Android when it goes live this fall.

Chrome 37 is hitting devices already—my Nexus 5 received the update Thursday night. ong with the new design, the Chrome Releases blog reports you no longer need to re-sign in to any other sites while signed in to Chrome.

has gradually been upgrading its core apps with Material Design, starting with + recently moving on to the Drive suite.

th Chrome, you’ll notice more animation when opening a tab or touching any of the menu buttons. The new tab page now features a search bar that transitions to the top of the screen when you start typing in it. 

chrome roid material design

The new Chrome for Android (left) uses a white menu background more animations than the previous, non-Material Design-inspired version (right).

Chrome for Android Beta users first got a taste of the new design in ly, as usually tests out major features there before pushing it to the stable channel. If you want to live on the edge, you can grab the Chrome Beta version from the ay Store.

ong with the new design comes the obligatory bug fixes performance improvements. If you want to fully geek out on the details, hit the Git history.