Fit SDK developer preview is ready to download

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 7 Aug 2014

Is your Bowflex collecting dust in the corner of your den? Ready to replace it with your phone? Fit is an effort to allow fitness apps to share data in a unified, cohesive fashion. Announced at I/O this year, the preview SDK for is now available for developers to explore start building apps. ‘re one step closer to the debut of integrated health fitness services in Android

The SDK includes three sets of As for developers, as detailed in the  Developers blog:

  1. Sensors A provides high-level access to sensors from the device wearables—so with one A your app can talk to sensors, whether on an Android device or a wearable. So if you’re making a running app, you could register it to receive updates from a connected heart rate monitor every 5 seconds during a user’s run give immediate feedback to the runner on the display.
  2. Recording A allows apps to register for battery-efficient, cloud-synced background collection of fitness data. For example, a running app could ask to store user’s location so it can map the run later. Once it registers for these data types, collection is done by Fit in the background with no further work needed by the app.
  3. History A allows operations on the data like read, insert delete. en the exerciser finishes her run, the running app can query the History A for all locations during the run show a map.

th the onslaught of fitness apps taking over the ay Store, companies like Samsung making its own health app a marquee feature on its flagship devices, had to conjure up something of its own. The Fit service will work with various fitness apps wearables to store their data locally in the cloud, allow fitness apps to share their data with each other.

The SDK is compatible with the new Android preview for the Nexus 5 second-generation Nexus 7. You can read more about it at the Developer eview page.