Sony abons ayStation Mobile effort on Android

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 6 Aug 2014

Sony is powering down its ayStation Mobile effort on Android. The game maker announced that it will not certify any more phones to run the gaming storefront nor will it support future versions of Android.

ayStation Mobile was Sony’s attempt to create a cross-platform marketplace for indie games that would work on both the ayStation Vita certain Android phones. It launched the gaming initiative in 2012.

However, its implementation was rather fragmented as the ayStation Mobile app, necessary for downloading games, only worked on a small number of certified devices. Most were manufactured by Sony itself; the list did not include popular flagships like the Galaxy S4, S5, or HTC One variants.

so, the ayStation Mobile site claims “50 fun-to-play games,” substantially less than the significant catalogue of titles available from the ay Store.

Anyone using a ayStation-certified device on Android 4.4.2 or below can still get games through the ayStation Store. However, Sony at some point is likely to nix the store on Android entirely; as more devices update their Android version, they will no longer support ayStation gaming.