Now uncher is now available for any device running Android 4.1 above

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 1 Aug 2014

Update 1:48 T: The Now uncher is officially available for anyone running Android 4.1 above, so have at it!

The Now uncher is ’s stock home screen launcher, with one-swipe access to Now an omnipresent search bar.

Currently, you can only officially install it on a Nexus or ay ition device. A report from Android Central says that digging through the launcher’s compatibility listings reveals support for additional devices, such as the HTC One (M8), G3, One Mini 2.

Various Twitter users are saying that they have been able to download the launcher for devices like the Galaxy S5. However, has not announced any wider availability to the launcher the ay Store currently still lists compatibility only for Nexus ay ition line.

It would not be surprising for this to change, however, as the launcher puts search front center creates quick access to the contextual assistant Now.

If it does not work for you your phone has Android 4.4, there is still hope. Our tutorial details how to put the Now uncher on any phone with Android 4.4.