HTC One M8 ime renders leaked

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 20 May 2014

A snazzier follow-up to HTC’s One M8 has been rumored ever since its debut, though little has been known about the smartphone. Dubbed the HTC One M8 ime, the mysterious piece of kit is rumored to be even more powerful ( larger) than the original M8. st yesterday, @Evleaks outed the specs for the upcoming HTC One M8 ime now he’s back with a render of the smartphone’s camera.

The render of the camera setup shows the familiar Duo Cameras found on the HTC One M8, though the main sensor protrudes out of the back, surrounded a bright orange ring—a throwback to the HTC EVO days that we hoped were behind us.

htconeprimecamera @evleaks

If the camera isn’t flush to the back side of the phone like the original M8, it could be for a few reasons. One reason could be that camera sensor is larger this time around the company may have decided to push the camera out a bit to accommodate the size without making the overall body thicker. In reality, HTC has made its cameras stick out on a few of it’s phones, like the aforementioned EVO line the HTC One X, so this isn’t a total shock to see. 

Another possibility is that the render above is actually from a previous iteration of the phone, could look different in its final form. Of course, we’ll just have to wait for HTC to announce the device, as nice as the leaks might be to keep us on our toes. 

htcm8primegif evleaks

Evleaks followed it’s close-up camera reveal with a rotating GIF showing the entire phone. Again, these are CG renders, but usually reflect reality pretty closely. Its track record with this stuff is quite good.