Now may soon set the timer you ask for

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Apr 2014

“OK … Set a timer for 20 minutes.”  It seems like a simple request, right? But today, on all Android phones, interprets that to mean you want to set an arm for 20 minutes from now. It works in a pinch, but it leaves you with a legacy alarm set, it doesn’t offer the nice countdown that a timer does.

The odd thing is, there is a timer function in the Clock app. You can manually set timers, you just can’t ask Now to do it for you.

Android lice has heard from a source familiar with upcoming Search changes that this small issue will soon be rectified. You’ll ask for a timer, you’ll get a timer.

The site even posted a couple screenshots (below), but note that these are not actual shots of the software in action. They’re Android lice’s mockups. But this is such simple funcationality, we can’t imagine it’s far off.

google now timer2 image: Android lice

Android lice’s mockup of what timer-setting in Now would look like.