aks suggest G2 Mini will debut on Sprint

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 31 Mar 2014

haven’t heard much from here in the , at least not since the Android ar announcement a few weeks ago. However, a tease over at EVaks suggests that the G2 Mini is heading to the , with its debut set for Sprint.

The G2 Mini was announced back in February at Mobile rld Congress. It’s essentially a shrunken down, mid-range version of ’s G2 flagship, which launched late last year. There’s not much information about its innards or whether it’s the same variant as the one we saw at M. For now, we’re just waiting on confirmation from the carrier. 

itself isn’t doing too badly. A recent report from tar rldpanel ComTech posits that ’s marketshare has gone up in the , to 8 percent, that it’s hovering in third place for global Android marketshare. The growth in numbers could be attributed to ’s shifted focus on flagship devices, rather than pushing units of its low- to mid-range Android-power smartphones.

For now, we’ll just hold tight until brings over its new family of devices here to the .