quietly updates Gmail for Android to help you with your holiday travels

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 11 Dec 2013

It’s always kind of a drag when your mobile email client doesn’t do all the things that your desktop client can. seems to be catching on to this, since the company rolled out a new update to Gmail for Android today with a few new features that have been previously reserved for its web users. 

Gmail 4.7 now lets you set up an away message with the Vacation Responder. st as in the web client, you can set a start end date for when the service should send out an automatic message that you’re out enjoying yourself. en you’re done having fun, you can easily toggle the messages on off from within the app.

also added the ability to send attachments from the mobile client, such as documents, Fs, .zip files. 

For those of you with Android 4.4. KitKat, the new Gmail includes native support for cloud printing. Devices with low memory will also notice a performance improvement within the app, which notes is a change made on behalf of oject Svelte.

The Gmail update should be rolling out to an Android device near you, or you can try to grab it from the ay store.