Here’s a list of more noteworthy April Fools’ Day pranks

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 1 Apr 2014

Chrome Emoji Translator

It’s hard for Google to miss out on April Fools’ as it comes up with something ingenious every year. This year, the folks at Mountain View have orchestrated a series of pranks, starting with a new change to the Chrome browser on Android, that translates text to Emoji. You can do this with the ‘Translate To Emoji’ button which is accessible from the settings button on the top right of the browser.

Another prank from the company includes the Google Maps Pokémon Challenge, which gives you a view of all the existing characters on a map so that you can find one yourself nearby. Watch the video below for more info on where to find them and how.

Gmail Shelfie is a feature that allows users to use their own self-shot images or selfies as the Gmail theme. People can also choose from the most trending Shelfies, which include a picture of Katy Perry holding her cat.

Gmail Shelfie

Like David Hasselhoff? Well you’ll surely like the new Auto Awesome photo bomb feature that basically adds a picture of the renowned 80s TV star to your desired photo.

Auto Awesome Photo Bomb

Another fictitious product is the Google Magic Hand. This apparently weighs 800 grams and comes with several attachments such as a back scratcher, cat paws, thumbs etc.

So who else joined in on the fun? Well, aside from Samsung and HTC’s smart gloves, we have the team behind the renowned Swiftkey keyboard posting a prank of their own with the Swiftkey Flow Hard. This is basically a jibe at its own swiping software keyboard that appears to have made its way to physical keyboards. Flow Hard is by far the best prank we’ve seen today and it will surely stick with you throughout the day.