Android Device Manager now lets you track or wipe your device from a friend’s phone

BY Abhijeet Mishra

Published 29 May 2014

Android Device Manager now lets you track or wipe your device from a friend's phone

Android Device Manager (ADM) lets users track, wipe or simply lock a misplaced phone, but has always required the user to have a secondary device or use a computer to carry out those functions. That isn’t the case anymore, as the latest update to ADM adds the ability to track a device by logging in as a guest on any smartphone or tablet that has ADM installed. 

Basically, you can now borrow your friend’s phone, log in as a guest, then gain full access to functions such as locating, ringing, locking, or wiping your device. The only way to do this before was to add your entire Google account to another’s device, but since that was a long-winded process, it’s great to see the new guest option in ADM. To access it, you simply need to tap on the owner’s name in the login screen, select Guest, then enter your credentials to start tracking that phone or tablet that you might have forgotten somewhere (or worse, had it stolen from you.)

The update is rolling out on the Play Store now, but as with all Google app updates, could take a few days to propagate to every device. If you can’t wait, feel free to hit either of the download links below to grab the APK and get the latest version manually.

Download APK [Mirror] [via Android Police]