Android Device Manager now lets you lock your phone and put a password on it remotely

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 24 Sep 2013

For years, Apple iPhone owners had this awesome feature called “Find my iPhone” that let you locate your lost phone on a map, make it ring, lock it, or even wipe it, all from a web browser. Android developers quickly brought this functionality to Google’s mobile operating system, which is great, but you still had to configure it yourself, which most people never bother doing.

Last month, Google finally wised up and used the Google Play Services to bring “Find my iPhone” like features to every Android device running versions 2.2 and above. One small catch, however. Google launched with only three features: find the phone, ring the phone, erase the phone. Today, Google has finally added the most requested feature: remote lock. So say you forgot your phone in a bar, and that phone has a bunch of important data that you’ve yet to backup. As soon as you come home, you can put a password on your phone, go back to the bar, and then happily retrieve it along with all your data.

Now say you want more features, this is where those third party Android developers come in. If you install something like Cerebus, you can do crazy things like turn on the microphone in your phone and listen to whatever is happening around it. You can even see your phone’s log, to see who a thief (or cheating spouse) is calling.

But yeah, Google is helping everyone be a little bit more safe, and good on them for that.