Google’s Android app icons could get a makeover soon

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 14 Apr 2014

Android App Icons

A new rumor suggests that Google could soon get a makeover done for its stock Android app icons. It is said that these new app icons could be more akin to the web icons of its services. As you can see from the mock rendering made by Android Police team below, the icons will not be an exact replica of the web app icons, but a major change from what we see currently on Android devices.

Google has a dedicated iconography page to aid developers with designing logos for their apps, so this could see some changes when or if this new rumor takes effect. Considering that Google has plenty of stock apps to deal with, users will clearly see plenty of changes.

Android App Icons

It’s unclear if these redesigned icons will make their way to the system with the next major version of Android or if Google will casually update them without much fuss. To bring uniformity across the web and mobile version of its app icons, Google will have to update both icons. Of course as with any rumor, take this with a pinch of salt for the time being.