Rumor: $99 HP tablet to be sold via Walmart

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 25 Jul 2013

According to the Taiwanese rumor site that tech journalists all love to make fun of, but secretly read every day, HP is going to come out with a $99 tablet this fall that will be sold in the United States at Walmart stores. The report says this tablet will have a 7 inch screen (resolution unknown) and it uses an Intel “Medfield-based processor” with a single core.

This is where the news ends and my speculation begins. HP already makes a $149 called the Slate 7. According to Engadget, HP spent more on making sure the tablet was built properly than on components, in particular the screen. An odd choice since it’s usually the other way around with most tech products. So how can HP shave $50 off the Slate 7’s price?

By shoving it in a cheap plastic case.

Are $99 tablets possible? Not only is the answer a resounding yes, you can leave your house right now and visit your nearest Walmart and buy a $99 tablet from a Chinese firm called Hisense.

The thing is, HP has a stronger brand, so that’ll help them. At least it should, in theory.