Android M will extend battery life with Doze management tools and fast-charging USB-C port

google io 2015 usb c port charging

We all want more battery life. At the Google I/O keynote on Thursday, Dave Burke, VP of engineering for Android, announced that Android M would include two major features to help our devices last longer and be easier to charge. 

The first will be a new Android feature called Doze. Android devices can lose a lot of battery life by catering to apps’ insatiable need for updates. Doze will monitor whether you’re actively using your device. After a period of inactivity, Doze will dial back app activity to save battery life.

“What we’re doing is trading off a little bit of app freshness for longer battery life,” Burke explained. He showed a performance chart comparing the same activity load on two Nexus 9 phones, one running Android Lollipop and the other running Android M. The Android M phone lasted up to twice as long in standby as its Lollipop counterpart. 

google io 2015 usb c charging setting

With the USB-C charging port enabled with Android M, users will be able to charge the device or use the device as a charger for other devices.

Even with Doze’s battery savings, “sooner or later you gotta recharge,” reminded Burke. That’s where USB-C will come in. This port, which first surfaced for Google in its flagship Chromebook Pixel, will become the standard charging connection for Android M devices. “We’ve been working with device manufacturers to bring Type C devices to market with the M release,” said Burke. 

Anyone who’s tried USB-C on the Pixel or the new MacBook already knows how easy it is to use this flippable port. In addition, Burke said, you’ll be able to set your USB-C Android M device to charge another device, or be charged itself. 

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